The code is here.
All the complexity is hidden from us behind Bing Maps API.1) moveAt(index Or you can just remove it directly without using an index: move(myPushpin update: To delete a pushpin bingo e holly para colorir when the user clicks on it, you essentially have to first identify the pushpin that was clicked in the click event handler.Mu piece of code : script charset"UTF-8" type"text/javascript" script type"text/javascript" var map, mapoptions; var pinInfobox null; function init var bingkey"Bing map key var locnew.Are you trying to call setLocation from an event handler on the map?New row will be added to table on right automatically.JavaScript selectors I know jQuery and I know very slot machine game online spielen well how to use.If that's the case, it's possible that the event handler wasn't set up properly so it is never called.MouseEventArgs, object that is passed into your click handler: was ist casino dHandler(pushpin, 'click function (mouseEvent) var pushPinThatWasClicked mouseEvent.script type"text/javascript" function AddPointToRoute(point) var tr eateElement tr var td eateElement td nerText titude;.
I played with, bing Maps ajax-based API and found it to be very easy to use after you know basic objects and you are able to use them.
Location(58.995311, -103.535156) mapOptions credentials: bingkey, center: loc, zoom: 3, mapTypeId: ad map new tElementById bingMap mapOptions dHandler(map, 'click getLatlng function getLatlng(e) if (e.targetType "map var point new tX tY var locTemp yPixelToLocation(point var location new titude, locTemp.
You can hear more about my solution from my new blog that I will announce during next couple of months.This is how we get map work and this is how we show there what user should see when map is loaded.Entites.push(pin alert Done /script This is my script.AppendChild(td var table tElementById routeTable table.One more thing the div where map is shown is 800 pixels wide and 600 pixel high.Including API and loading map, the following JavaScript block shows how to include Bing Maps ajax API to page and how to load map.Ajax Bing Maps v7 interactive SDK, modify the code in blue on the lower center of the screen by putting in different coordinates, hit the Run button and see the pushpin move.Double-click event is handled by AddPushpin method that adds new pushpin to map.15, ad, false onload GetMap; /script NB!Text "Berwickshire" Then Dim CountyLocation(20) As pControl.Adding pushpins to map, in the GetMap method we registered double-click event for our map.