CPA: CPA means Cost per Acquisition.
Double opt-in: User introduces his or her telephone number or email address in a text box, then they will receive a confirmation code (if they introduce the phone number) or a confirmation email (in case of using an email).
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(From now on well call benefits coins).
CPA is: CPA (Cost Per Action also known as Cost Per Acquisition, is an online advertising pricing model where advertisers pay for qualified actions, such as sales or registrations.Austria (AT)3087, netherlands (NL)2964, norway (NO)2957, finland (FI)2925.Disadvantages, you only get paid once irrespective of the life time value of the player.In order to complete a conversion, the offer must have a flow, also defined by the advertiser.By Jon Orozco Elorza on Mar 31st, 2015 in Mobile.On the publisher side, the risk is all theirs.The user confirms and subscription is done.Normally, there are not a huge amount of cancellations, but just in case, this may work as a lifeboat to have.An incentivised user will receive part of his subscription fee returned in coins, so the subscription is cheaper for the user, leading to more leads.There are tons of campaigns that do not allow incent traffic, but more and more are starting to appear that can bear incentivization.Its also based on a tiered table.

Ideally, you should agree on a maximum number of cancellations with the advertiser and then with your publishers; this way you may minimize the risks.
Running a CPA campaign means low risk from the advertiser side, as theyre going to pay only if an user completes the action detailed, so impressions and clicks wont be paid.