Jiang thought, used a time-bank card and thought a bit more.
The second leg went the way of Jiang.Nicolas Dumon raised to 55,000 from under the gun and Stefan Huber moved all-in for 395,000 from the hijack.But his all in with KQ flopped a king to better Antonius's pocket queens, doubling him.Josip Simunic: 666 for double Jiang showed ace-jack for a pair of jacks and sixes, but Simunic had 64 for trip sixes.Honglin Jiang raised to 90,000 from second position holding poke sushi dharmawangsa AQ and was called by Patrik Antonius on the button who held AQ as well.Josip Simunic was on the small blind and moved all-in for about 850,000 and then Krisztian Gyorgyi pc card slot protector sony reshoved for.4 million from one seat along.In regular volleyball, you have unique tasks.He chipped up.99 million while Gyorgyi dropped.18 million after the hand.The fun never stops.Only Dumon called and a 6 completed the board.
Peters elected to call to see a 4AJ flop where he called another 65,000.Peters jammed in this spot the last few times and now he limped.Jiang then took a stab at it for another 70,000 after the 2 landed on the river, but Simunic raised to 205,000.He saw a flop of 6A8 against Tomas Jozonis.With 10 players left, Gyorgyi, playing the Main Event for 5, took on the all-in Josip Simunic who was looking for something to help his ace-jack.Peters, with.62 million in his stack, opted to ship them all.The Q came on the turn and both players checked.Schemion called, Saleh folded and a KJ8 flop hit the board.Arguably, it was the best final table of any open event in the history of the game.

There were four Team PokerStars Pros-Daniel Negreanu, Jake Cody, Jason Mercier and Johnny Lodden-plus bracelet winner and online phenom Noah Schwartz.
HS 12:30am: Preflop power Level 28 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (BB ante 80,000) "Let's see a flop Patrik Antonius said.