The memory will float in intertops casino no deposit bonus codes april 2018 the middle of the screen where you can view.
Oliver the guinea pig is hiding in each of the games story levels.Oliver Location: Behind the top of the blue chair in the lower left corner.Level 35: On the floor behind the right side of the counter with the pacifier, bottle, plush, and diapers.The more hearts, the more theyll order!Oliver Location: In the bottom right corner of the upper left picture frame on the wall.Timothy has way more hearts than the normal patient, so the majority of your score today will be determined by how quickly you help him.Remember Mathilda will not have a!The meter in the upper right corner will help you keep track of how long its been.Allison can safely make it from one corner of the clinic to the other in a half meters worth of energy.
A checkout combo is when you checkout 2 or more patients at the checkout monitor.
Notification, so youll need to keep an eye on her today.Hearts Medicine Hospital Heat Challenge 6 Challenge 7 Oliver Extravaganza 2 Find as many Olivers as you can!Oliver Location: Behind the checkout counter to the left of the checkout monitor.A huge part of your score wont be tallied until Selma checks out.Youll want to clear all messes before the day ends.Once the brain has been thoroughly coated, small sections will begin to light.Sparks will flash over a bed followed by smoke.Oliver can appear all over, so use a combination of sight and sound to find enough before times up!Its very likely youll still need to evaluate Allison one more time even after the day has ended.

Heart booster stations can be purchased in the upgrades menu after selecting a level.