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He decides to retire, and wants his son to take his place.
Lead Saturns son to the top of the Pantheon!
Mars the god of war loses his temper every time he hears someone speak about the newbie.Dostávajte e-maily s exkluzívnym prístupom k ponukám iba pre lenov.Download and play for Free casual strategy right sir jackpot casino bonus code now!Even gods grow old.On top of that our bingo blitz collection items free hero falls in love with Marss beloved Venus and Mars swears to never allow the youngling become a god.He has to prove that he is worthy of their trust and divine powers he is about to receive.Prejs na hlavn obsah, ubytovanie, lety, prenájom áut.Asovo obmedzené, chyba: Prosím, zadajte platnú e-mailovú adresu.
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Outsmart the evil gods!Use divine powers to change the life of Romans.Zavrie, uetrite v destinácii Artem.So does Saturn, one of the oldest gods of Rome.But not all the great gods are willing to welcome newcomers at the Capitoline Hill.