poke bryant park

We saw/heard the following: Eastern wood Peewee-4 Least flycatcher -1 Empidonax flycatcher -2 Northern flicker Downy woodpecker Blue gray gnatcatcher -1 Black capped chickadee Warbling video-2 Red eyed vireo-2 Ruby throated hummingbird-2 Cedar waxwings Red tailed hawk-3 Song sparrow.
Now you can watch a aventuria kartenspiel bgg ballet of movement in shrubs on the grounds of nybg as the white throated sparrow and towhee dance for their dinner.
Follow me on Twitter: @DebbieBecker1, birding Digest, birding during the month of March is always a challenge.I hope to see everyone September 6th at 11am when the walk resumes.Great Egrets were also spotted, along with a Baltimore Oriole.Great and Snowy egrets.Also observed: White breasted nuthatch-2 Chickadee-2 Mallard-15 Black duck-1 Cardinal-3 Bluejay-5 American Goldfinch-3 Grackle-2 Red tailed hawk-1 White throated sparrow-15 Junco-many Red bellied woodpecker-2 American Robin- many House sparrow-2 Canada geese-8 Mockingbird-1 12/28/13- nybg Highlight from the Saturday morning bird walk: rusty blackbirds.Robusto, the female owl- left widowed last year- may have a courter as a new owl has apppeared in the forest of nybg.Merganser - at the NW and NE corner.Others bring their families or partner with a spouse who also enjoys the sport.
Lots of sparrows but none of them were target birds.
Highlights include fleeting views of a much sort after Mourning Warbler.A Great Horned Owl was well hidden in the forest compared to last week when both owls were easily spotted.Highlights of my Saturday morning Birdwalk include pine siskin, rusty blackbirds, orange crowned warbler.Vesper sparrow-1 Blue headed vireo-1 Field -2 Chipping-2 White throated-6 White crowned-1 Song-5 Swamp-2 Dark eyed Junco-7 American Goldfinch-5 Brown Creeper-1 House Finch-1 Black throated blue-1 Yellow rumped-1 Rusty blackbird-3 Cedar waxwings- 35 (Mature and immature) Cardinal-2 Bluejay-8 Tufted titmouse-2 Red bellied woodpecker -4 Yellow.Golden Crowned Kinglets, Rusty Blackbird, YB hoe lotto controleren Sapsucker, wood ducks, great blue heron and hooded merganser.We decided to look together and tried following the driving range path Joe advised.Butterflies: Snout nosed, Question Mark, Red Admiral, Tiger Swallowtail, Swallowtail, Meadow Fritillary, Hairstreak With Debbie Becker, Zach, Joanne, Steve, Todd, Joan, Ettie, Camille, Maisy, Cheryl, Ruth, Ira and Norma.I counted at least 8!They were traveling with a small flock of grackles.Cedar waxwings-8 Common raven-2 Brown creeper-2 Belted kingfisher-1 Great blue heron-1 Wood duck-1 Mallard-14 White throated sparrow-5 Song sparrow-4 Junco-15 Cardinal - 9 in one tree Blue jay-6 American Goldfinch-many Ruby crowned kinglet-4 Red breasted nuthatch-2 White breasted nuthatch-2 Chickadee-2 Tufted titmouse-2 Cooper's hawk-4 (3.11/18/18 On my Saturday morning bird walk we saw the following: orange crowned warbler Peregrine falcons Red shouldered hawk Coopers hawk Sharp shinned hawk red tailed hawk Red bellied woodpecker N flicker Red breasted nuthatch-3 White breasted nuthatch -2 Chickadee Tufted titmouse Cardinal Mockingbird-2 Blue.My bird walks at nybg will begin Sept.Nesting birds include; House Wrens, Baltimore Orioles, Warbling Vireos and American Robin.

10/25/13-nybg Very birdy day at nybg!
We saw the following on today's walk: Great horned owl-1 Red tailed hawk-1 Cooper's hawk-1 Fox sparrow -9 White throated sparrow -44 Song sparrow -2 Swamp sparrow -2 Eastern towhee-1 Hermit thrush-1 American Robin-29 White breasted nuthatch-1 Chickadee-6 Junco-14 House finch-19 American goldfinch-3 Red winged.
We saw the following: Cedar waxwings 20 Red winged blackbirds 50 Belted Kingfisher Mallards Red tailed Hawks Blue jay Cardinals Mourning dove American crow A Goldfinch House finch Swamp sparrow Song sparrow White throated sparrow Red breasted nuthatch White breasted nuthatch Downy woodpecker Red bellied.