A March, wall Street Journal story recounts three other relevant studies that lend some support to the notion that a lottery win could make you spielautomaten gewinnen 3 walzen happier: A 2006 British study in the.
A study in Florida showed that about 1 of lottery winners go bankrupt every year.
It doesnt really apply to the 500 million drawing tonight.Studies and anecdotal accounts of lottery winners suggest that joy is by no means assured.At first he gave millions to charity, including 14 million to start his own foundation.Though there are stories of people whose lives improved after landing a big lottery pay-out, there are seemingly as many winners whose lives got worse.Lexus, her dream car, a half million dollar house.Like Jack Whittaker, a West Virginia man who won a 315 million Powerball jackpot back in 2002.Everybody had their hand out, she is"d as saying.Academic research on the subject is mixed.Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.Again it depended on the amount people won.Related on Forbes: Gallery: Biggest Lottery Winners Ever 8 images, view gallery.
The study showed that most people have a set level of happiness and that even after life-changing events, people tend to return to that set point.
Would winning the 500 million Powerball jackpot tonight make you happy?She quit her job, started writing and published a book.There was Alex Toth, a Florida man who won 13 million in 1990.She was confronted by people who wanted a share of her money.Win At Work: An eBook From Forbes.He told reporters, I wish Id torn that ticket.In terms of overall happiness, the lottery winners were not significantly happier than the non-winners.But later, a briefcase with 545,000 in cash and cashiers checks was taken from his car while it was parked outside a strip club.Among those in the study, people who won six-figure prizes were less likely to go bankrupt.Journal of, health, economics found that.K.In 2007, a paper published in the, journal of Academic Psychology asked why achieving major life goals, including winning the lottery, or the more basic goal of getting married, doesnt wind up making us as happy as we expect.Thats roughly twice the average for the general population.

After taxes and splitting the money with her colleagues, she had 10 million.
One other study: a 2008, university of California, Santa Barbara paper that measured peoples happiness six months after winning a modest lottery prize in Holland, equivalent to eight months worth of income.