The Fourth Survival challenge mode and the Tofu Mode methode roulette cheval both originally appeared in the earlier 1998 version.
Claire Second Run : Unlocks an alternate scenario with truncated cutscenes and a shorter length, but more difficult.
Inne bonusy w postaci klasycznych skórek postaci Leona i Claire z oryginału z 1998 mają być dostępne 22 marca.
RE2R ; mastering the game completely.Despite the faster pace and wealth weapons, it's still a game about survival.Some locations have 10 different monsters in a single space, which can cut your run short fairly quick.Though many of the monsters you face are extremely dangerous, especially when in packs, they're also very predictable.Unlock Requirement : Complete Claires First Run.Znając Capcom, nie będzie to ostatnia rzecz, jaką nas zaskoczą.Unlock Requirement : Complete Leons campaign (A or B) with an S Rank on Hardcore difficulty.After that's done, now you can attempt the game's hardest mission with The Tofu Survivor.It's far more preferable to bait common enemies into attacks and run around their blindspot to press forward.Infinite Ammo Samurai Edge : A bonus pistol wielded by Wesker and Hunk with unlimited ammo.Unlock Requirement : Earn an S-Rank rating on Standard Difficulty.
Tofu Mode : An even-more-difficult version of Fourth Survivor Mode.You can unlock both scenarios where you play as alternate character Hunk, a member of the Umbrella Special Forces that feature in the campaign.Operative far cry 5 vorbesteller bonus einlösen Hunk, you'll need to fight through a gauntlet of the game's toughest battles to make a clean getaway with the G-Virus sample.Heres all the secret stuff you can get.Nie inaczej zapowiada się z remake'em Resident Evil.After finishing both Leon and Claire's scenarios for the first time, you'll unlock a new bonus mode titled The 4th Survivor-a reimagining of the original game's extra mission.Taking control of fan-favorite.S.S.Resident Evil 2 cieszy się obecnie fantastyczną średnią ocen na Metacritic, powyżej.Firma Capcom właśnie zapowiedziała darmowy dodatek do gry, będący osobnym trybem rozgrywki i noszącym nazwę The Ghost Survivors.For instance, during the first stretch through the tunnel, the smarter thing for you to do is to push through and evade zombies by running behind them.Unlocking those modes was a whole lot harder, but the game is (generally) much more difficult this time around.Infinite Ammo Minigun : The fast-firing Minigun Claire can find before her final battle.

While, resident Evil 2 has a number of challenges to face in the multi-scenario campaign, some of the game's toughest encounters come right after completing the main story.
Unlock Requirement : Earn an S-Rank rating on Hardcore Difficulty.
One particular instance, the Underground Stairway section-shortly after leaving the Sewers-has eight zombies in close proximity.