All operations apply both to your personal inventory and any inventory you may have opened (Eg a chest).
BTWs anvil, IC2 has a bunch etc.
The back recipe key (default backspace) can be used to go back to the last recipe and the Esc or Inventory key is used to exit.It is heavily recommended that modpack authors update to at least.If not then NEI can still spawn items using the give command if you are.2.0 FOR other releases SEE github page AND click releases versions (inclusive) TO (exclusive) support both.10.Eg the Sapphire Pickaxe below has taken 6 damage.Extra Cheats sets wether the Create, Rain, Magnet, Time and Heal buttons are to be shown.If Item drops are disabled any EntityItems in the world will be deleted.
Rain, again another self-explanatory button, if its raining right now this button will be enabled activated.
These function identically to the normal save states, renaming, saveloaddelete, but they will save and load the items you have hidden and shown.The spawner item will show the entity inside of it just like the block.Your mod must not directly call any NEI functions or classes as that will make it dependant on NEI to function.Double clicking on a set will show only the items in that set.Note that most of these are editable in the options menu.Recipe view contains 2 functions, Recipes and Usage.The config hannoversche 50 euro bonus file comments explain the functions.When magnet mode is enabled any items within a reasonable distance will pick themselves up and fly towards you.Save states are a global feature that can be transferred between worlds and even servers.Any users who have NEI installed (even if they are not Ops) on a server with NEI will be shown the correct mob.As an example Bl?So mining a block or dropping an item will give you nothing.